This Racist Vlogger Needs To Rest Her Case!

I was having dinner with some friends last weekend and we were talking about how children’s tendency to overshare on the Internet in a way that we old-timers find shocking and unwise is going to become so pervasive as to be entirely normal and so what might be problematic at, say, a job interview now will be meaningless in the future. At the moment, you can certainly get in trouble with your boss for posting a photo of yourself doing a keg stand in a Hitler costume on Facebook when you were supposedly home “sick,” but in a few years from now, your boss will look at you askance if you DON’T post pictures like that. Everyone’s doin’ it, maaaan. It’s just a different world now. Another friend of mine (that’s right, I have three friends, and your jealousy isn’t going to change anything) was talking recently about how offended grandparents get by coarse language but how quaint that seems to us and wondered what on Earth the future generations would do that would be as horrifying to us in our old age. I think the answer to this question is: automated dick pic email signatures (downloaded directly to your brain chip). Write it down. NOSTRADUMBLEDOREUS over here. Anyway, the whole thing is a mess and we should shut it down, but until we do, enjoy this young woman’s “comedy” video:

EEEEK! Rest your case! Rest your case! A lot of people assume that you can say as much racist stuff as you want as long as you just say “and I’m not racist” at the end but it’s not true, you actually need to include “and I rest my case” otherwise the jury won’t know that you rested your case.

Neat video! One Take Tara over here. “Click. Print.” You want to do that one more time for safety? “No, it’s perfect. Is there a way to upload it twice?” Obviously, she has already issued an apology video:

Good apology! She sounds very sorry and does not seem weirdly defensive and overly aggressive about forcing people into accepting her YouTube apology at all. (I would add for you legal scholars out there that the end of this video would be another good time to rest one’s case.) Look, this is just a stupid little kid who made a very bad decision. I am not sure that I understand what the “joke” of her video was, but I’m sure Tracy Morgan knows what is in her heart. But also, children, CUT IT OUT! Everyone makes bad decisions and unfortunate mistakes, that is part of growing up, but good God, you of all people should actually know how the Internet works. That’s kind of your whole thing. Your parents just don’t understand, so that means you have to. Oh well. I think YouTube commenter xXDizzy303Xx said it best:

u are sexy but ur bitch

Good comment. Great video. Love the Internet. Information superhighway. Hope it never explodes in a devastating fireball.