A First Look At Season 2 Of The Walking Dead

HAH. GOOOOD FIRST LOOK! (Also: GOOOOOD MORNING!) This preview clip will certainly set aside all those fears that so many of us had that the second season of The Walking Dead would be a huge departure from the first season insofar as it would no longer feature any zombies whatsoever and all of Grimes’s t-shirts would be clean. GRIIIIIMES! Seriously, though, what is this clip? I mean, not just what is this clip in the sense that it is hilarious that anyone would consider this a preview of anything as it provides us with the very LEAST of our expectations (zombies, dead zombies, dirty Grimes) but also we spent the whole first season in the woods and only just barely managed to move the plot forward enough to BLOW UP THE CDC (still LOL about that) but so now in season 2 they just go right back to the quarry? Perfect. From the Hollywood Reporter:

With Season 2 set to pick up in October, series writer/executive producer Robert Kirkman told The Hollywood Reporter this month that Rick, Carl and company will be heading to the farm featured in the comics he created.

“The first season was all about being in the city, and dealing with zombies in the streets,” Kirkman said. “The second season is about zombies in the woods and what’s behind that next tree. It’s a much more rural setting.”

Uh, the first season was not all about being in the city. The first season was all about being at the quarry (in the woods) and taking long, multi-episode trips up and down the stairs of one department store (the quintessential “city experience,” I’m sure), and I will also point out that their trips from the quarry to the department store were the ONLY THING THAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED on the show, so putting them on a farm (Quarry 2.0) without any trips to the department store sounds troublesome. And I’m not trying to tell AMC how to do its job, but if season 2 is going to take place on a farm, HOW ABOUT YOU SHOW US A FIRST LOOK AT THE FARM?! No? Just Grimes killing a zombie in some poison ivy? Fair enough. Just know that we are going to have a serious sit down conversation about your behavior when I become President of Entertainment. The Walking Dead season 2 premieres October…October what? YOU WON’T EVEN GIVE US THAT?! Oh, AMC, go to your room!