Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • Celebrities wearing t-shirts of each other. The stars, they’re just like us! -Celebuzz
  • I bet David Cross is super upset that Ricky Gervais has stolen his title of Atheist Comedian. “I don’t believe in religion!” “I don’t believe in religion more!” – Those guys. -AV Club
  • Here are some stills of James Franco directing. What can’t that guy do, right? He can do everything. I bet you can’t think of anything that he doesn’t do 100% the best. -Just Jared
  • Midnight In Paris is Woody Allen’s biggest hit yet. I still haven’t seen it. I don’t know. It doesn’t look that great to me. But I guess people like it? I’ll probably rent it when it comes On Demand. Would you like me to talk about it any more? -Vulture
  • Tom Cruise shirtless, singing on a balcony and also say hello your new iPhone background yaayyy! -The Superficial
  • The Sarah Palin documentary has a 0% on Rotten Tomatoes, but I still want to see it. Whatever. I don’t care. -Buzzfeed
  • A guy sees Jesus on his Wal-Mart receipt. I wonder if Ricky Gervais and David Cross have heard about this? -Dlisted
  • A woman who really loves Harry Potter and a dog who really loves going number two on camera. Who could blame either of them. We like what we like. -FilmDrunk
  • For those of us who haven’t seen it yet, the Walking Dead season two teaser trailer! -TheDailyWhat
  • Reflecting on Aliens’ genius, on its 25th anniversary. -Movieline
  • Breaking Bad got its highest ratings ever with its premiere last night. Yay! Congratulations, Breaking Bad! -Deadline
  • “Damn It Feels Good to Be A Lannister” Game of Thrones rap parody to play at all of your cool parties that you throw in your home. -Warming Glow
  • Also, just to throw it in here, did you know Home Movies is on Netflix Instant now? !!! Guys! -Netflix