Every Time Betty White Thinks She’s Out, Ironic People Pull Her Back In

A young marine posts a YouTube asking Betty White to go with him to the Marine Corps Ball, of course:

We should all be so lucky as to get asked out by handsome young marines (no sempero) when we are 90 years old but also COME ON ALREADY. It is 2011 now! Throwing Betty White’s name around ironically is straight-up FRIENDSTER behavior. Even Betty White when she heard this threw down her tapioca pudding cup and was like, “Oh you have got to be kidding me.” I hope she says yes because of support our troops or whatever, but this kid probably doesn’t even know how to dance with a Betty White. Dude better start brushing up on his Charleston, or whatever. “Do you know how to do the Lace Fizz? No? How about the Puppy Shuffle? Seriously? You at least no how to do the Eleanor. Oh good grief, go get us some punch.” It’s going to be humiliating. Very ironic. So clever. (Via HuffingtonPost.)