The Eighth Summer Jam Of 2011: Dough Hughes’s “Lights, Camera, Agent!”

Whoa. This is definitely how all the greats go their start. It’s weird that this video shows Doug Hughes wearing old man makeup to collect his Lifetime Achievement Award from the Academy since clearly he is going to be taking one of those home within the next year. (And let’s also give one out to the guy playing Oldest Hollywood Agent In The World for the perfect way in which he licks his thumb before picking up the phone.) Obviously, Doug Hughes is very talented (and has great taste in hats) although I do think it is pretty ballsy of him to think one day he will be as good as Brad Pitt in Mr. and Mrs. Smith, a movie best known for its acting. Then again, fortune favors the bold, and Doug Hughes is nothing if not bold. I mean, he put this on YouTube for everyone to see! It does not get much bolder than that. The real question now, though, is how mad is Xan Spencer right now? And how do you know he isn’t just ACTING really mad?! (Thanks for the tip, Max.)