This Week In Movie Trailers, You Guys

We already talked about the This Must Be the Place trailer earlier this week, so you might think we didn’t have any other trailers to talk about, but you would be wrong, and you should think better. There were so many new ones! There’s the Martin Scorcese movie for children (?!) and also the John Carter From Mars trailer with Tim Riggins. Oh! And a new Steven Soderbergh trailer that looks great and also the new Sherlock Holmes trailer which also looks very good. Man, now that I’ve listed them like that it is just crazy how you thought there weren’t any other trailers to discuss this week. Come on, dude!


Snore. I know that kids movies are for kids and the opinions of adults don’t matter, so, we don’t need to spend too much time on this, but here’s one question: if the movie is set in Paris, why do they have English accents especially when Chloe Moretz is American? I AM NOT AFRAID TO ASK THE TOUGH QUESTIONS ABOUT CHILDREN’S MOVIES CHARACTER LOGIC!

The Thing

Whoa. This looks good! I haven’t actually seen John Carpenter’s The Thing, which is supposed to be a classic, and so maybe people who have seen it and love that movie think that this looks like another terrible, cash-grabbing Hollywood remake. Fair enough. I don’t know. This looks good!


No comment.

John Carter

Let’s just hold out hope for this one? We have, like, another 100 months to just be hopeful that this won’t be an utter disaster. The idea is fun, and also TIM RIGGINS, but, you know, like I said, let’s just hold out hope. But, hope aside, when is Hollywood going to realize that is not a type of costume that appeals to anyone? It was awful in Prince of Persia: Sands of Slime and it looks awful in this.


Yes! Just the idea of a Steven Soderbergh directed movie about a virus outbreak is a very good idea that I was on board with before the trailer but now that the trailer is here and the trailer is very good then this is just better and better. “The birds are weapons, Mrs. President.” What a cast! Matt Damon! Kate Winslet! Marion Cotillard! Bryan Cranston! Jude Law! John Hawkes! GWYNETHHHHHH! This looks great. Let’s see this. GET WELL SOON.

Sherlock Holmes

The first Sherlock Holmes movie was basically perfect. I’m not saying it was an amazing movie, I just mean that it was kind of exactly what you would want from a Robert Downey Jr. Sherlock Holmes movie that you hopefully see as a matinee on a wintry Sunday afternoon. Fun! So this looks like more fun! But I still wish it was a feature length Benedict Cumberbatch Sherlock Holmes that was coming to the big screen. Just you guys wait until I am in charge.

Higher Ground

I’m pretty sure this is the movie they were always going to see on Seinfeld.

Jack and Jill

Oof. All I will say is that people usually end up getting what they deserve and the same probably goes for large groups of people, like “movie audiences” and “America.”


HOW ARE THEY GOING TO BEAT THE HAMMERHEADS?! This movie looks benign and dumb, who cares. But I guess if it changes just one uneducated (but cinematically mildly adventurous?) white person’s idea of what Indians are capable of…in the world of hockey, then it’s totally worth it.