Shape-Shifting Robot Mannequin Helps You Shop Online Somehow

I can’t say enough about great shopping online is. You don’t have to be around any people, you don’t have to try a million things on and have none of them fit, and you don’t have to go anywhere. It’s basically the perfect system. Oh except for when you order things and then you have trouble getting them delivered. Like if you aren’t home and even though you left a note saying “please just leave the package here,” they don’t leave it there — that’s the only problem! The only better system would be to have a personal stylist who just picked out all your clothes for you. OR! Actually. The best system would be to have the magical power that Sabrina had in Sabrina the Teenage Witch where she could shower and dress herself and do her hair and makeup just by looking at herself in the mirror. You know what I mean? God that would be the best! I think about that probably every single day.

One problem that I don’t care about really is when you order clothes (except shoes) that then don’t fit. Mostly because none of my clothes fit anyway because apparently it’s very difficult to make adult clothes in baby sizes and at least this way I didn’t have to try them on. But I can certainly see how ordering something that doesn’t fit can be a problem for pretty much all other people. “There has GOT to be a better way to online shop and know that clothes will fit!” – Everyone. Well, for you, here’s a thing.

The thing about this thing, though, is that I don’t understand how this will be used by anybody. Like, you’re online and you give them your measurements and then someone in a factory sets the robot to those measurements and puts the piece of clothing that you want on it and then they take a picture of it for you? For everyone? Every time they want to look at a different item of clothing? Or they try every piece of clothing on the robot in every different possible set of measurements and take a picture of each one? These BOTH seem very time consuming and unrealistic! I just don’t get it. Great robot technology, sure, but where’s the real world application? That’s my question. Really I just think everyone should order stuff online and then just wear it however it is. Then we’ll all be wearing ill-fitting clothing together. And everyone will be happier because we’ll all be less attractive. Right? Let’s do it! Who’s with me! (Via UniqueDaily.)