Ruining Pants, Shoes, And Cars With Art

In Berlin in 2010, a bunch of people on bikes dumped a bunch of (environmentally friendly, they say) paint on a road and then this happened. And it certainly looks nice and is nice to watch. Very colorful! And, when they dump out the paint, that looks really fun. Like that would be a really fun thing to do. But. What a bunch of jerks!! What if the paint got on people’s cars? And their tires and then into their driveways and then they got it on their shoes and brought it into their houses and then their wives were so upset? Or if they were riding a bike, what if they got it on their pants?! Quite a large price to pay for taking part in an art experience that you didn’t ask to take part in. Is THAT the art? Ruining pants? Also, on a different note, that road is so confusing. I don’t understand how any of those cars know where they’re supposed to be.

The world is a confusing place and art pranks just make it even more so. Break the silence, stop the art pranks! (Via Laughing Squid.)