We Need To Talk About The This Must Be The Place Trailer Right Now

This Must Be the Place trailer, you guys:

Our current movie trailer policy is that we are rounding them up on Fridays and doing a MEGA-TRAILER post but we have to talk about this right now it cannot wait because this is not just a movie trailer, this is a movie trailer for a movie in which Sean Penn plays a ROCK STAR NAZI HUNTER WITH A BABY’S VOICE! We have been waiting ages for this, haven’t we? All of us? Yes. Now, look, none of us has seen this movie. Maybe it is the greatest movie that has ever been made. But I would put some money on the opposite being true, and I am not even a betting man. HIS VOICE MAKES ME FEEL CRAZY! It is like I Am Sam 2: Full Throttle. AND DO NOT FORGET ABOUT THE WAY HIS HEAD LOOKS! The best part with a trailer/movie like this is to remember how many people are involved with making movies. Like, just imagining two dozen people standing around holding their breath while Sean Penn goo-goos his way through a scene in which he confronts a Nazi with his acoustic guitar and also is this a Cameron Crowe feel-good road movie or what is going on but anyway to imagine those people is hilarious especially when Sean Penn says to the director, “Can we take that again? I want to try one where I’m actually drooling.” Hahaha. Oh brother!