Pizza Hut Doesn’t Care About Men Wearing Dresses People

Pretty sure we’re going to get a hung jury with this one (NO PUNNO). I mean, if the dude really came into the Pizza Hut three times without buying anything, I’m not sure that you can claim this is a simple case of intolerance, although I do love how they point out that the manager ONLY kicked him out because he’d come in three times without buying anything “and because of the way he was dressed.” Well, right. Way to muddy the waters, your honor. SUSTAINED! Also: who goes to a Pizza Hut three times without buying anything? It’s not that fun in there. Oh, it’s fun if you’re eating delicious pizza, but just for hanging out? And maybe I’ve just gotten used to New York’s high-caliber drag queens, but this guy seems like he could hardly even be bothered to put any effort into it. Like, if it turned out that he was not so much expressing his freedom to choose his gender identity so much as wearing a dress because it is laundry day, I would have found that just as convincing. Oh well. The one thing we can all agree upon is that the old grandma in the parking lot needs to stuff some pizza into that mouth and shut it. Love grandmas! Hate grandmas’ opinions on most things! (Via Eater.)