Jake Gyllenhaal IS Mr. Cool Shirt

Haha. Whoa. BOLD CHOICE, MR. JAKE! Obviously, this is ridiculous, not only because THAT SHIRT, OBVIOUSLY, but also how ugly it is? It is as if Cafe Press was just bought out by a three year old who’d saved up his Disney Dollars for all three years. Like, if you’re going to make a self-indulgent reference to your own movie in your clothing choices, at least put a #swag hashtag on it. (Also: how much better would it be if he was just straight up wearing his costume from the movie? More movie stars should go to the Coffee Bean, or wherever, in their costumes. The Grove? Is that a thing? This guy knows what I’m talking about.) Of course, we can all have fun with Jake Gyllenhaal’s WARDROBE MALFUNCTION (“Good joke!” – 2011) but some of us, hard to tell who, may have slept in a Videogum t-shirt and then not bothered changing when they woke up this morning (gross, whoever did that) and then may have worn their Videogum t-shirt outside while taking their dog for a walk, their dog happening to have some Internet presence of her own, so maybe those of us who did that should cut Mr. Cool Shirt over here some slack because if you think about it we are all human garbage. (Via GotchaMedia.)