Babies Are Allowed To Be Jerks Almost Always

I’ve never had a kid, so I’m sure I just don’t understand, but what’s the deal with parents not stopping their kids from being jerks all the time? The other day I was on the train and two kids next to me were fighting. And they were kind of getting me involved in their fight, because I was sitting next to them and they were babies, so when one of them would grab the toy from the other one it would hit me. And their mom was watching them. And I’m like, hello? Mom? Make them stop!!!!

And another other day I was walking behind this dad with his two kids, and the little girl kid was dragging the boy kid by his hair and the boy was screaming and the dad didn’t even look back! “Should I be doing something?” is what I thought to myself. When you have kids I’m sure it’s an endless string of fights that you’re tired of breaking up, but maybe just still keep breaking them up, especially when they involve ME, because clearly I cannot handle it and will remember it forever. Anyway, let’s look at this video of babies fighting and wonder at what point they would have been stopped if the Internet didn’t exist:

Hahah, that is very cute, though. “I said no first!” “You’re not four, I’m four!” Squeaky voices. The first rule of baby fight club is never stop a baby fight if you think it is cute enough to be talked about on a blog or if you are just too tired. (Via VVV.)