This Is Your Dress: Steve Buscemi Dress

This is your dress. You wear it all the time. Here are some of the places you wear your dress: funerals, Viking funerals, homecoming dances, ballroom dances, McDonald’s, keynote speeches at pharmaceutical industry conferences, speed dating events, laser tag courses, Costco, your stepson’s baseball game, post-trial press conferences, a Nickelback concert, downtown Los Angeles, a screening of the new Spy Kids movie, dog laundromat, Ruby Tuesday’s, a local high school’s production of Les Miserables, bingo hall, bumper bowling, your parents’ renewing of their vows ceremony, Red Bull-sponsored pool parties, a new raw food movement restaurant on the other side of town, Florida, Jimmy Pesto’s, the hospital when you give birth to your daughter, the morgue to identify a body, Kroger, horse carriage ride and/or hayride, the 12th Annual Gathering of the Juggalos, a MySpace shareholders meeting, scrapbooking club, on a camping trip with your three best friends from high school that you still care about but have lost touch with over the years, to the Jersey Shore house when you get picked up at the club by Pauly, self-defense class, the public library bathroom. Everywhere, really. I mean, it’s your dress. You love it. (Via Filmdrunk.)