Song Mashup Is Fun But Challenging For Some

For the most part, song mashups seem — to some of us — like hectic pieces of non-music that never quite get to where you want them to go, and that are obviously catchy because all the person mashing them up does is take the most catchy parts of songs that other people already put effort into writing and then they just mash them together and take credit for it the whole thing like they’re some kind of genius. To some of us that’s what they seem like! And some of us think that specifically Girl Talk — not that Girl Talk has anything to do with this video, we’re just saying — should pay everyone one million dollars each. Not just the musicians Girl Talk samples, but everyone in the world. Because uuugghhh.

But not all of us feel this way. And I guess what would DJs do if they weren’t mashing songs up. Just PLAY songs? That would be boring for them, I imagine. So here is kind of a very fun mashup of 39 different pop songs, that I don’t want to give too much credit to, again, because of my deeply held anti-mashup beliefs, but really if you didn’t have lots of deeply held random negative beliefs that you sometimes feel are the only thing holding your brain together, it would be a fun thing to listen to while you ate lunch:

Also the kid pressing all the fun DJ buttons may or may not be 16? It says on reddit that he is 16, but I can’t find it stated anywhere else. So if he is 16: Cool! You have a bright future of mashing songs up ahead of you, and it seems like you already have some very professional equipment, so you’re already well on your way. (Via Reddit.)