Raccoon With A Chef Boyardee Can Stuck On Its Head

Trapped in this sweltering heat (New York readers, especially) we all probably feel like we’ve got Chef Boyardee cans stuck on our heads! Look at us, running all over the place, desperately bumping into things, the metallic whine of our can-heads dragging on the pavement, our necks too tired now to lift them. (If you don’t live in New York, you can ignore the stuff about the sweltering heat and simply take this as an existential metaphor insofar as we are often running through LIFE as if we have a Chef Boyardee can stuck on our heads, aren’t we just, and if we are not careful, we’ll still be blindly, clankingly running like this until the day that we keel over and die.) This video of a raccoon with a Chef Boyardee can stuck on his head was taken by none other than Videogum reader Jared, who has a passion for herstory. It’s a VIDEOGUM EXCLUSIVE! But can I say something before you even watch this? The video starts off cute enough, but a little bit into the video, when Jared gets out of his car to get a closer look, you might worry, as I did, that he was just going to get the SCOOP and not actually intervene with the story (help the raccoon and take the goddamned can off of its head) but he totally SPOILER ALERT does. It is a real heartwarming treat! Story of the year.

WE ARE FREE! LET’S ALL RUN BACK INTO THE WOODS! (Thanks for the tip, Jared.)