Steven Seagal Headlines Some Weird Russian Charity Concert, Obviously

These photos are all from a charity concert held in Russia to benefit children with cancer and eye disease. Oh, good! That is a perfectly good reason to hold a charity concert. But, also, what is this charity concert? Don’t get me wrong: let’s all get out there and help those children with cancer and eye disease. But, Steven Seagal was the HEADLINER? After musical performances (MUSICAL PERFORMANCES!) by Kevin Costner and Woody Allen? I also like that the concert included actual international opera stars Andrea Bocelli and Jose Careras but when it was all said and done, the show was still headlined by STEVEN SEAGAL. Hi, Andy Garcia! Don’t worry, Andy Garcia, I didn’t forget that you were there too and how that is also weird! Oh, Russia. Sometimes you are just so yourself it is hilarious. (Via AccessAtlanta.)