People In Wedding Clothes Crash Into Each Other On A Zipline

Ziplines are very fun. I’m almost positive that I have been on one before and that it was very fun. I’m trying to think of the exact occasion, but I’m actually having some trouble. So it’s possible that I’ve only invented a memory of once being on a zipline. But it feels very real! So who knows. Maybe they aren’t fun at all and I just have no idea. In any case, this video. I don’t understand what is going on in this video. Not because it’s weird that you would be on a zipline at your wedding, because obviously that is one of the normal wedding things you can do, but just…What point is this in the wedding? Are they ziplining into the ceremony? Or the reception? Why is everyone dressed so casually? Is this not a part of the wedding at all and they just put on their wedding clothes so they could zipline in them? Another curious thing is this other video of people ziplining in their wedding clothes with people dressed casually around them. People! You’re going to a zipline wedding, I think! Just because it’s a zipline wedding doesn’t mean you can dress like you’re mowing the lawn! Have some respect! (Via HuffPo.)