Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • Are you crazy? Do you have a lot of money? Would you like to buy a real version of the house from Up? -Cinemablend
  • Woman who really loves cats video UPGRADE. -Geekosystem
  • PETA Vs. Zookeeper in a battle to see who is the worst! It is a very close battle and I think we can say that it maybe is a tie at this point, stay tuned! -Film Drunk
  • And here are some of the most scathing critical response to Zookeeper! Some of them are very good. -Movieline
  • The extent of my knowledge of the Upright Citizens Brigade TV show is that some of my friends dressed up as it for Halloween last year. Let’s read this interview with them together and maybe we’ll have more knowledge after that. -AV Club
  • It’s The Office’s tenth birthday! Happy tenth birthday, The Office! Let’s all read this thing Ricky Gervais wrote in celebration. -PopWatch
  • Check out this weird optical illusion mind game thing where pretty ladies kind of turn into monsters. It is a weird thing! I’ll never look at monsters the same way again! -The Daily What
  • Justin Theroux shaved his beard THANK GOD, I don’t care what made him do it. -The Superficial
  • The Octomom lady brought all of her toddlers on Today this morning and ahhhhh let’s never have kids! Let’s never have all those kids at once! Promise me we won’t! -Dlisted
  • Sgt. Scott Moore, currently stationed in Musa Qala, Afghanistan, asks Mila Kunis to accompany him to the Marine Corps. Ball. If she does it I am going to make a video asking her to have dinner with me just for like an hour and I’ll pay she can pick the restaurant. Anything can happen with the internet! -HuffPo
  • Do you watch Degrassi? If yes, continue reading. Do you want to watch a preview for season 11? If yes, click on this link: -Celebuzz
  • Watch Justin Timberlake be bad at sports! -Vulture
  • Megan Fox makes cute faces SURPRISE STOP THE PRESSES. -Just Jared