This Week In GIFs

As you can see by the large GIF at the top of this post, this has been QUITE a week for GIFs. More than just the way that every week is quite a week for GIFs, you might be asking? Well it’s hard to say, now that you bring that up. Why do you always have to ruin everyone’s excitement? Is it just because you love GIFs so much that you really felt you had to come in and point out that every week is an equally great week for GIFs, because GIFs themselves are so great? Well, fine. I understand. But can we at least agree that the cat trampoline GIF is one of the best? Yes, we can. Now let’s check out the rest of the best.

Monday was Independence Day!

Joey Chestnut ate sooooo many hot dogs!

There was a True Blood episode!

Johnny Depp is considering doing a fifth Pirates of the Caribbean movie and you thought of the tagline for it!

Videogum came through on its Kathie Lee Gifford dancing GIF promise!

Did you guys all watch the NASA launch earlier?

And, in honor of the very close to perfect internet video: