Best New Party Game 56: Antagonist Movies

I was staring at this Horrible Bosses movie poster on the subway platform the other day and I started thinking about what that movie would be like from the bosses’ perspective. It would be very different! Incidentally, Horrible Bosses seems to be another prime example of this very weird relationship contemporary pop culture has with murder. Like, I know that it is a comedy and maybe it’s funny, I don’t know, I haven’t seen it, but ultimately it is about three people who decide to become MURDERERS, and MURDERERS are, by definition, kind of THE WORST. Surely there is a more reasonable way to deal with the situation of having a terrible boss, for example, QUITTING. (SPOILER GUESS ALERT: I bet you no one gets murdered in the movie about murdering people, but back to my point.) This happens a lot in movies and TV these days. Like, I finally watched Knight and Day last week, which actually has its charms, although it’s kind of (more than kind of) a mess, but in that movie Cameron Diaz stumbles her way into an international espionage style situation, and within two minutes she is picking up automatic weapons and shooting people. Maybe it is self defense, but that is still a very intense thing to do! To shoot at a human being! (And, of course, the classic example of Lost, in which, by the end of the series, everyone had either murdered someone else, or tried to. Even Hurley!) But so I am staring at this subway poster and I thought, let’s play a game about it!

The game is simple enough, but also complicated. VERY COOL. Basically, just tell the plot of a movie from the antagonist’s perspective. So, for example:

  • Horrible Bosses: An employee with no respect for the hard-earned authority of his boss, rather than dealing with the situation like an adult, gangs up with his two sociopathic friends and plots a series of cold-blooded homicides.
  • Jaws: A mean lifeguard hunts a mom.
  • Lord of the Rings: Return Of The King: A mischievous little ring is thwarted in its attempt to do the one thing it was made to do when some little boys throw it in a volcano.
  • Perfect Storm: A weather system runs its course without incident.

Good game! Better than this one at least. Good luck!