Draw Something: New Looks For The Wizard Of Oz Cast

At this very moment, there are nine Wizard of Oz projects (mostly films) “in the works,” and that is crazy. Let alone the fact that there have already been so many Wizard of Oz projects in the past, that is just a crazy number to have going on all at once right now in 2011. Nine! Nine things at one time based on one thing from forever ago that is already iconic and perfect and should maybe just be left alone now because can we please move on. But, you know, here we are.

The most anticipated of these many projects is Oz: The Great and Powerful, the 3D Disney feature that will be directed by Sam Raimi and star James Franco. And everything was perfect with that (obviously) (actually I am sounding negative through all of this but definitely I will be excited for that movie, boo, so SUE ME), until a ruling was handed down on Tuesday by the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals — who figure out what is copyrighted and what is in the public domain — stating that Warner Bros. holds the rights to the character traits of the main characters. This means that maybe Sam Raimi won’t be able to portray any of the characters the way that everyone in the world pictures them, when they think of those characters. Which would be kind of a bummer! But it also DOES mean that obviously we (we specifically) have to think of some new ways to portray those characters! I will, of course, go first.

As you can see I’ve updated Dorothy’s look (on a model originally wearing a Dorothy costume), replacing her picnic basket with a hobo bag, her checkered blue dress thing with a bat shirt (one of those shirts with the bat sleeves?) and checkered blue pants as a nod to the original, her dog with a Kleen Kanteen, and her classic ruby slippers with red wedges, probably like espadrilles or something. Oh and I made her hair curly and red. Interesting choice!

Now it is your turn to do this incredibly meaningful and very-good-use-of-time activity. You can do any character you’d like and you can come up with their new look in any way you’d like, like MS Paint or just by pasting together images or if you have one of those whatever computer drawing pads with the fake pen? Really however you want. Just any normal Hollywood way of reimagining an iconic character. It’s a VERY creative activity with lots of freedom, so just have fun and be safe!