Michelle Bachmann Prays To God To End Health Care Reform, OBVIOUSLY

Ugh. Get ready for this one, you guys! You might want to put a cold compress on your HEART. Then again, this is not actually that surprising. This video should be called “Michelle Bachmann: Par For The Course.” After the jump, I have posted a video that is taken from a 2009 broadcast (like, a pretty major broadcast, probably on NBC, just kidding) but was only recently uploaded to the Internet of Michelle Bachmann leading a bunch of creeps* in a prayer to God asking HER to both forgive the sinners in our government and to stop the passage of health care reform. She actually asks for God’s “mercy” on the subject. Oh, motherfucker. I am (barely) willing to accept that we live in a country where a not unimportant and somewhat powerful segment of the population feels that human beings should not be allowed to have health care** but to bring God into things is just straight-up gross. IT IS A BIG WORLD OUT THERE! Maybe God does not have time to read all 1900 pages of the legislative proposals? She is too busy answering Her emails! Admittedly, this video is not nearly as funny as the photo of her hiding behind some bushes to spy on a gay rights rally, but it’s almost as grossly misinformed as the time she thought she was from the same birthplace as John Wayne when in fact she is from the birthplace of John Wayne Gacy. LOLOL! What a nightmare!

So PUMPED that she’s running for President! Can you campaign for both terms right off the bat? FOUR MORE YEARS! (Thanks for the tip, Merrill.)

*A note about creeps: these people are creeps! Sorry! Everyone is entitled to believe in whatever form of God or religion that they choose, and I don’t just mean that in the boilerplate “we live in America” way, but in the genuine, honestly that is what I believe way. Go for it! Good luck! I hope that it works and I hope that you are right! But as soon as you decide to publicly broadcast your religious belief system in an actual televised program, well then people get to react however they want to that, and the way I want to react to this is to point out that these people are creeps.
**By now, of course, we all know this isn’t exactly true. We live in a country where, thank GOD (get it?), people will always have SOME access to health care since, by law, hospitals are not allowed to simply throw dying people onto the street. The problem is the cost of these treatments is passed off onto taxpayers while also over-burdening/bankrupting the hospital system and lowering the general level of actual care received in America. What Michelle Bachmann n’ pals’ (see: creeps) prayer intended was for that cost and those inefficiences to continue to be deferred to and affect normal people so that major insurance corporations would not be forced to amend their policies and support their fair share of the financial responsibility. Obviously, you can get way more complicated than that with it if you want, but that’s the general idea.