Let’s Digitally Superimpose Our Own Advertisements Into TV Shows!

So, apparently, this is a screenshot of an episode of How I Met Your Mother with an ad for Kevin James’s new movie The Zookeeper in the background. Sure. Normal. (Also, a very good way to get me to want to go to a movie! Seeing a blurry prop thing in the background of a sitcom.) The weirdest part, though, is that this is a RERUN. From 2007! TIMECOPS! That is just a very weird thing to do. That being said, I think this is what we should do. Let’s just pool all of our money, sink it into a hit sitcom, wait a few years, and then digitally superimpose some ads into old episodes. I feel like by 2017 we could be rolling in that Coor’s Lite money. (A can of Coor’s Lite will be superimposed on a baby’s face.) (Via TheDailyWhat.)