Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • This is Zach Galifianakis in high school? -HuffPo
  • Film Drunk needs your help! Go tell them what your favorite dirty talk quotes from movies are. Don’t be shy. C’mon. -Film Drunk
  • Heart of Darkness and The Count of Monte Cristo movies are being developed, duh. “[Something that exists] movie is being developed.” Duh. -SlashFilm
  • Rod Serling movie is being developed. (Which I will absolutely no doubt see, TBH.) -UGO
  • The nine most scathing critical responses to Larry Crowne. Not included: “‘More like Very Frowne.’ -Kelly” -Movieline
  • Only Mila Kunis can wear both a strapless AND mermaid wedding dress and still look goooood. Right, women and men who think about this? I don’t like strapless or mermaid wedding dresses. Fashion talk. -Just Jared
  • Selena Gomez meets Shia LaBeouf, of whom she is a big fan, and it’s actually pretty cute. -The Superficial
  • Meet True Blood’s newest vampire, Aaron Perilo. -Celebuzz
  • Dogs on swings, just swinging around. -The Daily What
  • America’s Next Great Restaurant turned out to be more like America’s Next Great RestaurNOT. I’ll be here all week, folks. -Warming Glow
  • Slate thinks it’s very important that Pixar’s Brave heroine has curly hair. Maybe you think that too? -Slate
  • A person with my exact same name REALLY likes cheesy potatoes. -The High Definite