Beyonce Surprises Dancing Children At A Target In Harlem

When they say that life is full of surprises, they’re mostly talking about very unpleasant surprises! No one is ever like, “life is full of surprises, you never know when you’re going to get a bonus personal day off from work next!” That does not happen. And no one is ever like, “life is full of surprises, you never know what kind of cake you’re going to have this afternoon for Cake Break.” Everyone knows full well what kind of cake they’re going to have this afternoon for Cake Break. No, it’s mostly about how life throws you unexpected curveballs, like breakups and cancer and house fires. Fair enough. Those are very surprising things, and one of the goals while we are still on this Earth is to get to a place mentally and emotionally where we can deal with those surprises with patience, serenity, and maturity. That being said, just once, just ONCE, it would be nice if when someone said “life is full of surprises” what they actually meant was “for example Beyonce showing up at your dance party in the back of a Target.” Is that too much to ask, MRS. GOD?!

This is the best. Beyonce is the best. But I’m not sure what is going on with those adults having their own ADULTS ONLY dance party in the back? And why is the store so crowded if no one knows that Beyonce is going to show up? People are just packing in to see seven kids do a very loosely choreographed dance routine on a makeshift stage? Oh man, I bet it is my tendency to asking all of these nagging, unimportant questions instead of just getting up there and doing the dance we all agreed upon that keeps me from ever getting surprised by Beyonce anywhere. (Via ONTD.)