Duh Aficionado Magazine: Woody Allen Is Old

Guys, Woody Allen is old. NO DUH! We know that. Which is also the subhead of ever issue of Duh Aficionado Magazine. “Duh Aficionado Magazine: We Know That.” (You know who isn’t very old? THAT DAUGHTER OF HIS THAT HE MARRIED LOLOLOL.) Anyway, right, he’s old. No duh. But this recent interview on the Midnight in Paris junket really reminds us in case somehow we forgot. From MSNBC (via FilmDrunk):

Reuters: You still write your scripts on a typewriter?

Woody Allen: I don’t own a word processor; I am not a gadget person.

Reuters: So how do you adapt to the world of iPods and iPads?

Woody Allen: I have a telephone, a cell phone, but all I can do on it is call out and receive calls. I don’t have any other use, I have no, what do you call it, text number?

Hahaha. Somebody send him a telegraph explaining that a word processor is not a gadget. Or a raven. Send a raven. Certainly don’t text him with this information because, you know, NO TEXT NUMBER. I would like to point out that I find this thoroughly charming and cute and I cannot wait until I am like this. “Maybe I’m falling behind with these kinds of things, but I never send holograms to my moon children. If they want to talk to me, it’s brainchip downloads only. No iButs!”