That’s Your Financial Analyst: Lindsay Lohan

This Lindsay Lohan tweet is a couple of days old, actually, and I have no idea why more people aren’t talking about it because it’s AMAZING:

Hahahhaha. UHHHHHHHH. Powerful stuff. Good tweet. Of course, this is a sponsored tweet, but it’s not like that doesn’t raise a whole mess of other questions, like, you know, WHO WOULD SPONSOR THIS and TO ACHIEVE WHAT GOAL? So that the 14-year-old girls who follow Lindsay Lohan on Twitter will know about your company’s corporate restructuring programs? Just kidding! I don’t think 14-year-old girls even know who Lindsay Lohan is. The last time she made a successful movie, they were not even born yet. DING DONG! CLASSIC LINDSAY LOHAN BURNNNN! This generation of teenagers just love following the adventures of sloppy, out-of-work alcoholics under house arrest. Their walls are plastered with Teen Beat posters of Val Kilmer and Nick Nolte. Oh, and Alan Greenspan of course. No doy. (Via BusinessInsider. Thanks for the tip, DS3M.)