What Is This Expanding Light Thing?

Here is some footage from a webcam mounted outside of an astronomical observatory in Hawaii. It’s of a thing that nobody knows what is. Right? I’m pretty sure that’s exactly how you say that sentence. Nobody knows what this thing is. Bad Astronomy blogger Phil Plait has some theories, and thinks he has it figured out with this one:

I think this covers it: a missile launches from California, and three minutes or so later the third stage releases an explosive charge which blows fuel out into space. This fuel expands in a shell, fades as it gets bigger, and appears to move across the sky as it does so.

Missile launch? NO, BORING. This is obviously a huge mystery and no one can ever know what it is really, but we can all have our own theories, for instance:

  • Everyone in the world had the same thought at the same moment and this is what happens when that happens.
  • Aliens were going to come to Earth but then one of them was like, Oh wait I forgo–, and the one driving the bubble was so sick of the other one being so forgetful that it was just like, screw this we’re never going anywhere again.
  • The world exploded and now we’re all dead, but death is just a continuation of our life and when we “die” in this life we’re just born into a new life and the cycle continues forever and you never know if you’re really dead or not.
  • It is God blowing a bubble with bubble gum.
  • It is God blowing a bubble with bubble liquid.

Did you have all the same theories? (Via Gawker.)