Playable Record Made Of Chocolate, LADIES

You know when you go over your record-enthusiast boyfriend’s house and you’re like, “What’s the deal with all of these records? They’re so cumbersome. Don’t you have any CDs? Or mini CDs? I want chocolate! Where is your chocolate? Where are your CDs? I’m booooreeeeeeed.” I’m like that always. Well, ladies, our problems are solved!*

Ben Milne, a Scottish baker/chocolate-maker, has created a playable record made of chocolate for some band called FOUND. He did this by getting an imprint of the record and then just making it like a record would normally be made, except instead of vinyl he used chocolate. That seems easy enough? I’m sure people have done this before. Why aren’t all the records made out of chocolate yet? Let’s watch how he does it so we can do it to all of our boyfriends’ records.

We’ll probably have to make our own imprints out of wood glue though, right? That’s fine. Once he realizes what you’ve done for him — for BOTH of you — by turning all of his records into chocolate records that you can BOTH enjoy, that sound almost like real records, kind of, and that will certainly begin melting instantly, he won’t even remember those old non-edible wood glued records. And then you can eat all the chocolate records together. And you’ll both be so happy. And he’ll love you so much! And that’s when you bring up the topic of mini CDs again. (Via Laughing Squid.)

*Not solved.