8,000 Very Pretty Paper Lanterns

On June 21st in Poznan, a city in central Poland, thousands (millions, zillions) of paper lanterns were released to celebrate the shortest night of the year, called Midsummer Night or St. John’s Night. And the video of this event is maybe the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen. And it’s just a video that I watched on the internet while waiting for my coffee to be ready on a Tuesday morning in my very warm apartment in Brooklyn, NY. Uggghh, video! This video is going to make me look like such an idiot. “What’s the prettiest thing you’ve ever seen, Kelly?” – Important reporter with a very popular, but smart, magazine. “Oh, it’s this video I saw on Gawker, let me bring it up on m–” “This cover story interview is over.” “Noooooo!”

I would really like to go to this event if it happens again. To my future husband: Please blindfold me and take me to Poland (blindfolded the entire time) and then propose during this event. I will say no if this wish isn’t carried out exactly as stated. You’ll have to blindfold me and take me far away destinations a few times before though, so I don’t know exactly what’s going on when you blindfold me and take me to Poland. You’ll figure it out. It NEEDS to be a surprise. I will be a decent wife.

ALSO, uh, what happens the hot paper lanterns fall down? Does everyone die? RIP everyone in this video. Your death was beautiful and worth it. (Via Gawker.)