Chet Haze Has A Big Boy Concert!

Chet Haze! BEST RAPPER ALIVE! Did you guys hear that Lil Wayne and Jay-Z have both decided to retire and never rap again because something something Chet Haze? I read it on, which is a very good website. Anyway, Chet Haze played a concert last night! Oh to be a fly on the wall at the Chet Haze concert! (Flies don’t have ears, right? They can’t hear anything? Perfect.) His father, Tom Hanks was there, and also Rita Wilson! You know, for as much fun as we all like to have with these guys, it is nice to see a dad being there for his child. Admittedly, the dad is Tom Hanks and the child is Chet Haze and that will never not be hilarious, but you know what I mean. Gawker actually had a “reporter” (I’m sure) in attendance. You can see a cell phone video of the show over there, but here is a brief description of the night:

The show was not particularly off the hook. I was disappointed with the length, especially since he didn’t go on until almost 1:00, and with the fact that he was clearly rapping and singing over his recordings. I would have been more impressed if he didn’t need such backup. Also, it would have been more off the hook if he brought those sexy dancers out earlier instead of at the end of his last song.

I [took a picture] with him. After the picture was taken, he asked me, “How did you like me?” I replied, “Oh, you were amazing.” Then he walked away.

Haha. PEACE OUT! I bet Chet Haze carries spare microphones around with him so that after he asks someone “How did you like me?” he can just drop a mic and walk off whatever stage he is most certainly on. The show could have been more “off the hook,” though. (SIDENOTE: I did not know people still described things as being “off the hook”! Good to know. Pretty sure that is how my mom describes grocery stores.) Oh well. Better luck next time, Chet Haze! Daddy loves you!