Rosario Dawson Likes Planking, Whatever That Is

On Friday night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, Unstoppable’s Rosario Dawson discussed her love for the Internet’s “planking.” Cool. She really gets it. She’s probably on the internet somewhere right now, looking up the latest trends. To talk about planking for a minute, though, which is what I’d like to do: Planking is a thing that I just do not understand at all. I mean, I get it, kind of. You act like a plank and then take a picture. But — what? I’m sure we can all agree that planking is a weird thing that people do and we don’t understand it and really don’t care to understand it, but why is it such a POPULAR weird thing that people do, etc.? You’re just acting like a plank! You’re not giving the shocker or putting bunny ears on someone or photo-bombing anything or closing your eyes on purpose or anything FUN like that. You are just lying down. That’s not fun. Not even when a celebrity like Rosario Dawson does it:

See? Not fun. Remember when Rosario was in Josie and the Pussycats, though? That soundtrack rules. Almost all of the songs are good. So in the comments you can either talk about planking or the Josie and the Pussycats soundtrack. Or whatever else you want. Obviously you can do whatever you want, but those are the two topics I’d like to discuss. Plankingplankingplanking. (Via Uproxx.)