Fuck You Nasa!!! (Part 2)

For years, no one has had the courage to record themselves in their bedroom in their parents’ basement giving a profanity laden anti-NASA rant and posting it to the Internet. UNTIL NOW! YouTube user UFOHunterVlog has FINALLY broken his legendary silence about the American space program in the second part of his devastating expose into whether or not NASA should go fuck itself. (Full Disclosure: I have not actually seen “Fuck You NASA!!! (Part 1)” but I kind of feel like I get it? Pretty sure I get it.) This guy really lets NASA have it! Those motherfuckers. He is mad as hell and he is not going to take it anymore. And by mad I mean probably clinically diagnosable with any number of mental health problems. And by not going to take it anymore I mean a bunch more vlogs very much like this vlog on the wayyyyy!

Headphones UP!

My favorite part about this whole video is the idea that the alien visitors are actually super nice and want to e our friends, but NASA just doesn’t think we can handle it. FUCK THEM! (Thanks for the tip, Benjamin.)