Hollywood’s 5 Favorite Salads

The Hollywood Reporter published an article this weekend called “Hollywood’s 5 Favorite Salads.” Hahhaha! That’s a good idea for an article! I think my favorite thing about the article is the headline and also what it is about and also everything. Hahha. Hollywood’s 5 Favorite Salads. Good. Stop the presses, Vikki Vale, because we’re going to the Pulitzer Prizes. Here is the opening paragraph:

Hollywood just wouldn’t survive and stay thin — here, those being practically the same thing — without its marquee dish: the salad. And it’s no surprise that a town as calorie-conscious as Los Angeles has come up with many of the most famous ones in the world: The Cobb and the Chopped were first shredded here; the Caesar popularized. Restaurants jockey to claim the originals as their own, and just as ideas for movies and TV shows are ripped off, other eateries whip up well-selling imitations for their menus.

Hahhaha. RIGHT! The article is called “Hollywood’s 5 Favorite Salads.” What were you expecting? Something other than a very straight-forward article about salads and salad herstory in Hollywood? Well it was weird that you were expecting that. As far as I am concerned, this article delivers on its promise the way an article should, and I’m pretty sure this is what Season 5 of The Wire was about. In any case, NO SPOILERS, but the chopped salad at La Scala IS one of the five and there are four more. Collect them all!