Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • Paul Reubens discusses the status of his Pee Wee Herman screenplay for Judd Apatow and being nominated for an Emmy. I love you, Pee Wee. -THR
  • This is just a very cute little thing to have on the bumper of your car. -TheDailyWhat
  • The tea party’s self-financed TV show is sure to be a MAJOR hit with the no one. -Gawker
  • Every opening quote from The Wire – which I have never seen, I wish I could just download it into my brain, I really do — in under three minutes. -Warming Glow
  • Our first look at It’s Always Sunny’s “Fat Mac.” Like normal Mac, except fat? You get it. He gained weight. Same Mac except fatter. Fat Mac. -Splitsider
  • Oh my god, this is the exact reason why I am going to be cremated instantly upon declaration of my death. AHHH! Read this, it is terrible! -BWE
  • Michael Bay made a model walk in the desert. NOT the dessert so don’t even think about it, MEN! Men are always thinking about that. -Film Drunk
  • Apparently Jennifer Anniston is shown topless in one of my most anticipated movies. MEN. -Celebuzz
  • The new Spy Kids movie is going to be shown in “Aromascope,” And by that I mean, that thing you’ve been eyelash wishing about has finally come true! -Movieline
  • The old, disgusting kombucha defense. -The Superficial
  • Maybe James Spader is going to be the new Office boss? -EW
  • Owen Wilson is singllleeee laaddiiiiessssssssssss. -Dlisted
  • John Krasinski are Aaron Sorkin are making a miniseries about the Chateau Marmont? -Just Jared