Horrible And Confusing 7-11 Hit-And-Run

Wow, that is very horrible to see! Don’t look at this unless you want to see something shocking and horrible. (“Yes, please.”) Apparently the 7-11 employee who is seen hit in the surveillance camera footage sustained leg injuries, but is recovering well. That’s good! But! WHAT! What even happens in this video? Why does that women get out so casually and where does she go? Why does the other person FALL out? Why did they go to 7-11 in the first place? Was it to get taquitos? Which ones? Spinach and buffalo chicken? What is going on here? Holy moly. They, the police, have not yet caught Willaisha Rankins, the driver, but they at least know that her name is Willaisha Rankins and that she is a nurse from Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, where Tina Fey is from, so I’m sure that they will probably find her soon since they know her entire life story already.

As a small aside, when you go on the campus tour of the University I attended, they tell you that the 7-11 on campus is the “highest grossing 7-11 in the country.” Is that true? I doubt it. I don’t know they tell you that untrue fact, it’s not even flattering. (Via TheDailyWhat.)