Duh Aficionado Magazine: The Killing’s Showrunner Is Full Of It

Is everyone doing OK? After last weekend’s very disappointing The Killing season finale episode, I mean. Boy, did that stink! Did anyone like it? I don’t mean that in a sarcastic way, I genuinely want to know if anyone liked it. So far, I haven’t met anyone who liked it, and I’ve spent the past five days just getting out there, pounding the pavement and pressing the flesh, trying to see WHAT is UP! But, so, everyone hated it, which makes the show’s head writer and showrunner, Veena Sud, sound particularly crazy when she talks about it. From the Hollywood Reporter:

“I’m flattered,” says Sud, “and I guess surprised a little bit. But certainly it’s a good feeling to know people are watching and talking about the show. I mean, the last time I felt this personally myself, and saw this type of reaction, was when The Sopranos ended its run [with a shockingly abrupt, ambiguous, mostly despised 2007 finale]. If the show can be in that company, it’s a deep compliment.”

Uh, RELAX? The show isn’t in that company. Just because people hate your show doesn’t make your show the same as a long-standing, award-winning series that is widely regarded as one of the best shows in the history of the medium. Moreover, I would argue that as much as some people were disappointed in the ending of The Sopranos, those people are wrong, but also, that show made very intelligent choices from beginning to end. The surprise cliffhangers of the season finale of The Killing just feel like lazy film student garbage. “What if we DIDN’T find out who killed her?” is the kind of breakthrough concept I would expect from a college sophomore smoking Djarums in the dormitory courtyard after not even drinking half of the tiny juice glasses he filled up with all the different milks and sodas in the cafeteria. But wait, there’s more terrible quotes:

“The fact that people love us or hate us is a beautiful thing. I don’t want to be kinda liked. The fact that someone loves my show or hates my show is great.”

This goes back to my original question, of course, which is does anyone like this show now? Because, I’m pretty sure people don’t love or hate The Killing now. Pretty sure we all just hate it? But this part is the very worst part:

“Well, there’s two ways to look at it. Either it’s a left brain journey where you’re just connecting the dots of who the suspects are or it’s more of a holistic journey where a young girl is murdered these are the potential suspects and this is why.”

EXCUSE ME, BUT YOUR CABLE TELEVISION SHOW ABOUT TWO COPS WHO ARE TERRIBLE AT THEIR JOBS TRYING TO TRACK DOWN THE MURDERER OF A TEENAGE GIRL IN AN ALMOST COMICAL AMOUNT OF RAIN IS NOT A HOLISTIC JOURNEY!!! Wow. That is easily one of the most hilariously pretentious things that I have heard in a really long time. Congrats, Veena Sud. You may have ruined what seemed to be a very promising TV show, but you definitely won that important prize. This is also funny to me:

“I want to let people know and assure fans that they will know who killed Rosie Larsen in Season 2.”

Oh, phew. Of course, the very CONCEPT of a world in which we STILL did not find out who killed Rosie Larsen until season 3 (SEASON 3? HOW MANY SEASONS OF THIS THING ARE THERE?) is terrifying. And stupid. What? What is she even talking about? I’m pretty sure if “fans,” as if there are any left, didn’t find out who killed Rosie Larsen in season 2, we would all be wondering who killed Veena Sud. File Under: UNSOLVED! (Unsolved because the murderer was a The Killing fan and we didn’t know there were any of those left.)