Good Morning Lego Prank!

Nothing gets me going in the morning like a good lego prank. I have to imagine that this particular lego prank, played on the general manager of Legoland, is part of a viral marketing campaign for Legoland only because, for one, every video I see on the internet I assume is part of a viral marketing campaign, and for two, I feel like I should want to go to Legoland now, after having seen this video. Except that I don’t! Because I bet it’s boring. Even if their employees play ridiculous pranks on their GM and then hold on his reaction for kind of an awkward amount of time. Have you ever been to Legoland? Is it as boring as I’m imagining it to be? Also, do you remember that episode of Full House where DJ put her principal’s car on the school’s roof as a senior prank? That’s what this is kinda like, because it’s a prank and it’s a car. Goooooood morning! (Via Reddit.)