The Footloose Remake Trailer, You Guys

For awhile, it looked like Chace Crawford might star in the Footloose remake, but then that fell apart, I guess. This was after Zac Efron already backed out. At this point, you might think they just wouldn’t bother remaking Footloose, since they probably shouldn’t have been remaking Footloose in the first place, because who asked anyone to remake Footloose, but you would be so wrong it’s ridiculous how wrong you would be. Oh, they went ahead alright. First of all, they got Kenny Wormald. That’s right, KENNY WORMALD! Who’s laughing now? Stop laughing and tell me who Kenny Wormald is. Second of all, they released a trailer, and oh man. If you thought a remake of Footloose was silly, poorly thought out, and completely unnecessary, you were right, but, like, in a way that is so intense that it might scare you. Like, Nicholas Cage in Knowing right. (I have not seen Knowing, but it’s about how Nicolas Cage is almost TOO right, right? Right.) Wait until you see it. You’re gonna die. Wait. Well, don’t wait too long!! Watch here:

THIS IS OUR TIME, I’M SURE! It’s funny for the tagline to be “it’s our time” in a remake of a movie from 27 years ago. Is it? Is it our time? or is it 1984 still? I do like how the town made dancing illegal and so everyone just gets together in an old abandoned parking lot and FUCKS now. Whoa. I also don’t think I remember the part in the original when a bus exploded, but I also didn’t remember the part in the Three Musketeers trailer where they have to do battle with a dragon-shaped gatling gun on a floating pirate ship happening in the book but I’m sure it did. Memory is a tricky thing!