Videogum’s Most Anticipated (Still) Movies Of 2011

Can you believe that it is June already? Well, believe it, because it is so true. It’s practically July even! Holy cow. Take it easy, 2011, you’re going to wear yourself out! Of course, if it’s almost July, that means we’re already halfway through this year’s movies. Oh no! Technically, that’s not entirely true, since most of the movies in January and February and March are intentionally garbage because of some showbiz reasons people like you and me aren’t even ALLOWED to understand. But we’re definitely cranking through these blockbusters and before you know it, it’ll be awards season or some such. But that’s a good thing. It means we have so much more to look forward to. Yay! (Haha. Yay!) So, let’s look forward to some stuff. After the jump, it’s a list of our most anticipated movies still to come in 2011:

Captain America: The First Avenger

Disappointment is like food. You get a fair amount of it on a regular basis, and when you’re done processing and digesting it, you’re ready for more. (Very good analogy. Pulitzer Prize!) We were all so looking forward to the X-Men: First Class movie only to discover that it was not very good. Let’s put it this way: if X-Men: First Class was an actress, she would be January Jones in X-Men: First Class. But that’s all behind us now, and we are open to the possibility of more disappointment. But Captain America looks great! And the idea of a superhero movie set during World War II is very different and smart. So hopefully we will go hungry this time, disappointment-wise, I am just very intent on running that metaphor into the goddamned GROUND.

Cowboys and Aliens

There were all of these articles a couple of months ago about how the marketing department of whatever studio made this movie was getting concerned because the movie itself is rather serious and for real, but people hear the name “Cowboys and Aliens” and think it’s going to be silly. Uh, people are dumb? A serious movie about cowboys and aliens sounds very good. Attending to the confusion of dumb people will almost certainly be the death of our culture. Also: Daniel Craig! Missed you, buddy.

Crazy Stupid Love

Every year there is at least one romantic comedy that looks like it might finally do it and be a good romantic comedy instead of a terrible romantic comedy, and nine times out of ten it turns out to not do it at all and to totally just be a s terrible romantic comedy, but this year’s entry Crazy Stupid Love continues to hold the promise. Good luck to all of us. We are probably going to need it.

Take Shelter

YESSSS! Guys, I would watch a movie about Michael Shannon having terrifying visions of the PHONE BOOK. He is so good at acting. There are really only, like, three actors these days: Daniel Day Lewis, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, and Michael Shannon. That’s it. Put them in a remake of Heat and then sink California into the ocean.

The Muppets

We’ve been over this, but even as someone who despises nostalgia and thinks it is a death trap, I can’t help but feel nostalgia for the Muppets. Also, Amy Adams won, like, 100 points in The Fighter so that even though she’s clearly just recapturing that Enchanted glory, she’s still got some of those points to spare. As with anything that is, ultimately, geared towards children, there is a lot of opportunity for this to blow up in everyone’s faces, tragically killing all those children, but at least we will die together WAKA WAKA WAKA (get it?!)

A Dangerous Method

A movie about Sigmund Freud and Karl Jung having slap-fights over women in paddleboats doesn’t really seem like my thing, necessarily, until I realized that it was directed by David Cronenberg and that it starred Viggo Mortensen and Michael Fassbender. Uh, turns out kind of my thing. Admittedly, David Cronenberg has made at least as many bad movies as he has good, with Existenz counting, as like, 100 bad ones, but even his bad ones are at least bad in interesting ways and also VIGGO MORTENSEN AND MICHAEL FASSBENDER. If I had one critique this early of a movie I have not seen yet it would be: needs more knife fights in a Russian bath house. But that’s it so far!

Kelly’s Picks!

Hi, it’s Kelly now! These are my picks:

Martha Marcy May Marlene

I love cults and everything about cults. I think they are very interesting. If I could go back to school and study cults I wouldn’t because it would be a waste of time and money, but I REALLY want to. Maybe I will just get a book about them. And Elizabeth Olsen seems great. And I love movies with an unreliable narrator for many reasons, including that it gives you a good opportunity to talk to the person next to you. “What is happening?” “Who is she again?” “Wait what just happened?” “What is this movie ABOUT?” In closing, this movie looks creepy and great, I can’t wait to see it. Very anticipated.

30 Minutes or Less

I’m not generally one for action comedies because literally any amount of “action” in a movie makes me tune out immediately, just because that’s not the kind of thing that I go for, not that there’s anything wrong with action, but the amount that I AM one for Aziz Ansari and Jesse Eisenberg movies definitely overshadows that fact. Those guys are great.

Another Earth

This is director Mike Cahill’s first feature, good job to him, and I love the idea for this movie so much. What if there WERE another Earth out there, everybody? What if! Would you want to go to it? What if you accidentally killed a family? Does that change your mind? I wonder if that Kelly would be as excited about the movie Another Earth as this Kelly is.


Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston are a married couple who want to escape modern society so they move to a commune with hippies or something like that. That’s what this one is about. And it’s directed by David Wain and produced by Judd Apatow. And Justin Theroux, Ken Marino, Kerri Kenny, Jo Lo Truglio, and lots of other people are in it. It is going to be good I’m almost positive even though I don’t know that much else about it!

So, those are our most anticipated movies and they are all the correct movies to be anticipating. Are there any other ones that you guys are anticipating? What are they? You’re also still anticipating these though, right?