Best New Party Game: Summer Movies

It’s officially summer now, starting yesterday, and I am so happy about it. Summer is just the best. You don’t have to wear a coat when you go outside, you don’t have to walk through any snow, it’s not cold out, you aren’t cold all the time, you don’t have to annoy your friends by talking about how cold you are all the time, you don’t have to think about the cost/benefit ratio of paying to check your coat when you go places only to ultimately never do it. My goodness. Why is it ever NOT summer? Or fall? Or spring? I guess what I’m really getting at is why is it EVER winter? Ugh, winter is terrible. But who cares, it’s summer now and what better way to celebrate than by playing a word game on a blog where you insert summer imagery into movie titles! Yayayayay!

Here are some very good examples:

  • Barbecuebarella
  • The Italian Summer Job
  • Old No School
  • The Summer of All Fears
  • Love & Beachball
  • Pool Runnings
  • Shattered Sunglass(es)
  • Iced Tea Age

They got a little bit not the best at the end, I admit. You do them now!