Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • A Dog and an Orangutan are friends and guys it is the best thing. -BWE
  • How to defend The Killing if you absolutely have to, other than just by crying until the other person gives up which is how I win every argument.-Vulture
  • Have you seen these videos of Alison Brie, Emily Blunt, Jason Segel, and John Krasinski being very cute and doing karaoke together? Ohhh, you should see them/watch them again! -Movieline
  • Here is a campaign video some people put together for Brian Williams. Yay, Brian Williams for anything! -Gawker
  • Set photos from the upcoming Harry Potter movie, nerds! Nerd alert!  -ONTD
  • The ten worst answers for what is the best show on television, says Warming Glow. They’re wrong though because Parenthood was actually the correct answer. I love Parenthood! -Warming Glow
  • Vince from Film Drunk has a different opinion on Rogert Ebert’s Ryan Dunn blog post than Gabe from Videogum. -Film Drunk
  • Photos of George Clooney’s past girlfriends. Someday that’ll be us, guys. -Celebuzz
  • God, if Emma Stone is really dating Andrew Garfield then the celebrity couple god I’ve been praying to really DOES exist. Christopher Hitchens take note. -Just Jared
  • Dogs in a toy car race a girl in a toy car, proving that my dogs in a toy car racing a girl in a toy car god exists. Hitchens! -The Daily What
  • Ugh, Lindsay Lohan. Ugh, house arrest. Ugh, interviews. Ugh, me. -The Superficial
  • It’s your last day to enter to win a bottle of Que cologne! Ahh, do it! -Videogum