Motorcycles Are Dangerous And Sometimes Very Funny

Motorcycles are incredibly scary. (“____” is incredibly scary. -Kelly) Recently I was dining al fresco (impressive) and I heard a crash sound behind me. I looked behind me and a guy had fallen off of his scary motorcycle and was just in the road, with his motorcycle lying next to him. Ah! And cars were zooming all around. It was a scary scene! Someone stopped to help him, though, and he drove his motorcycle away, so I guess he was fine. Don’t worry about him, relax. Also, remember when Billy Idol was in a motorcycle accident and that’s why he’s only the top of him is shown in the “Cradle of Love” music video? Billy Idol! The motorcycle accident featured in this video is much more entertaining and lighthearted than both of those motorcycle accidents.

Sometimes you just need to take a break and have a little fun, and that’s what these motorcycles understand. Weeeeeee! Spin spin spin. Leave those motorcycles alone, let them be kids for just five minutes! (Via Reddit.)