Forget The V.I.G. Lifestyle, It’s All About Horsebicing Your Way To A Better Body

Earlier today, Kelly posted a video about a new workout program that she was sure would help us all get into swimsuit shape this summer. Well that was earlier today. This is NOW! Get out of here with your V.I.G. Lifestyle, you disgusting slobs. These days, it’s all about Horsebic. What’s Horsebic? Oh you have got to be kidding me! It’s only the most exciting new exercise trend out of Finland, developed by a professional sweatpants owner. The basic premise of Horsebic is simple: you get together with some other uglies in a gym and run around…like you’re riding a horse? But then sometimes you THROW STUFFED ANIMAL HORSES AROUND IN A CIRCLE? You know, exercise?! What’s the problem, can you not understand me with all the sauce in your ears? GIDDY UP, YOU SLOBS!

Horsebic, you guys. It’s OUR generation’s V.I.G. Lifestyle.

Very good exercise routine. If anything, it might be TOO healthy? (Thanks for the tip, Chris.)