Let’s All Attain The V.I.G Lifestyle Together

Today is the first day of summer and you know what that means. That we’ve all waited way too long to get into bikini and male-bikini shape and now we’re going to be stuck in our full wetsuits all Senior Week. AGAIN. Why do we always do this to ourselves?? Ugh, we’re so gross. Let’s skip lunch today. Well, let’s just eat it really fast. I think eating things fast burns more calories than eating any food can actually give you. I don’t know, I heard that somewhere. OR, in case you’re not “aweeaaaa,” we can try this “breeeeaan new” (from Nov. 2010) martial arts, hip hop dance, body shaping, cutting watermelons with a sword, adult dance, cardio, metabolism building, 100% of your brain using, chi meditation routine, and become the Very Important Guys or Very Important Girls that Bobby Vigeant knows we can be.

“He has the body and mind of someone who is ready to explode” does NOT sound like a desirable thing. Everything else featured is 100% desirable. (Via Uniblog.)