The Killing Season One Finale

ARGHHHHHH! Well, you have to hand it to The Killing: it was incredibly consistent from the very beginning until the very end! What did you expect, that they WOULDN’T end the season with yet another ham-handed bait and switch? Ugh. This show. THE MURDERER WAS GAS MILEAGE! The real mystery is why Detective Sarah Linden can’t seem to make it to the airport until five minutes before her plane is going to take off. Come on, Detective Sarah Linden. You are almost as bad at getting on planes as you are at your job and also at being a mother! (Meanwhile, there is also the on-going mystery of whether or not Councilman Darren Richmond has The Machinist Disease just kidding, no mystery there, he is riddled with it.) Look, I’m fine with this case remaining unsolved, I guess. If you’re going to rip-off Twin Peaks so much, you might as well take it 2 tha limit. (Needs more dancing midgets.) There is, of course, the small (not small) problem that I don’t like any of the possible outcomes? Like, none of the potential killers seem even remotely satisfying at this point, and if it turns out that it’s someone we haven’t even met yet, well, that’s infuriating. Also, Dear The Larsen Family, I am sorry for your loss, now get off my TV. Oh, and now Detective Stephen Holder is a dirty cop? Oh brother. You can’t spend an entire season pretending like a cop is clearly a dirty cop only to finally convince us that he is not actually a dirty cop and then just have it turn around at the end and have him be a dirty cop the whole time. Gross! Also: lazy! Ambiguity: yes, please! I’m a very big fan of the final episode of The Sopranos and I was mostly satisfied with the ending of Lost even! But this? Also: the idea of waiting a year for MORE EPISODES about WHO KILLED SOME GIRL ONE TIME is RIDICULOUS. “Ooh, I can’t wait to continue to wonder who killed Rosie Larsen in 2012,” said no one. Sorry, The Killing, but you kind of blew it.

You know, after the first episode, when they showed a preview of the season and said “this season on The Killing,” I thought it was funny to imagine multiple seasons of this show still focussed on the same case, but, like, as a goof. NOT AS THE FOR REAL THING THAT THEY WERE GOING TO DO!