Tiny Toy Food Set Is Mesmerizing

The tiny kitchen set featured in this video is the exact kitchen set I need for my kitchen. “Everything fits!” This would actually be a very good joke housewarming gift to give to a friend who just moved into a very small apartment. Or if your friend is getting married and they have a gift registry, to just get them tiny versions of a bunch of things from the registry. Hahah. OR if you have a very small friend and it’s their birthday? I could go on and on. The video reminds me of the documentary Marwencol. Have you seen that? It’s on Netflix instant now. It’s about a photographer who has an expansive tiny World War II-era town that he takes pictures of, and then it’s about some other stuff too. Bing it. It seemed like everyone in the world thought that documentary was great, but I didn’t really think it was THAT great. “Story of my life.” Anyway, that’s what this silent, six minute video of a person cooking a very tiny fake meal is like. It’s exactly like the award-winning documentary Marwencol, and exactly like the kind of gifts you should get your friends.

“Hahahah” – You
“Oh…it’s…cute.” – Your friend and everyone else

(Via ViralViralVideos.)