The Muppets “Official” Trailer, You Guys

A couple of weeks ago, when we did the Videogum 6-Month Performance Review, some of you said that you did not like when the site covered movie trailers very much, which personally I will never understand because I like movie trailers so much, I often like them more than actual movies. But THE PEOPLE BEEN HAD SPOKEN! So, we started doing round-ups of all the movie trailers into one post on Fridays, but you guys don’t seem to like that either? Oh come on, you ding dongs! We’ve got to cover this stuff in one way or another! I’m sorry I called you ding dongs, I got upset. Anyway, after three spoof trailers, it does seem worth talking about the first OFFICIAL trailer for The Muppets. So, let’s talk about it!

It looks good! The Muppets! As an adult human being who is very grown up and picks out his own clothes in the morning and everything, I don’t have much time for nostalgia. What’s the point? Being a kid stinks. Even if you don’t hate school, which I didn’t (FILE UNDER: nerd alert) it’s still a scam. (It’s funny to refer to being a kid as “a scam,” but also being a kid is a scam.) Being an adult is way better. Oh, it’s dark and depressing and expensive and exhausting and stuff, but it’s still better times a million. No joke. But if there is one thing that I do still have nostalgia for, it is the Muppets. Love those guys. So fun and charming but also irreverent with a little bit of that adult darkness that kind of let you know what you were about to get into. “

“Muppet get emotional.” – Feltye West (Get it?)

I do love that the Muppets are just constantly trying to get the band back together. Oh Muppets. Hahah. Classic Muppet Stuff. Just retire! You earned it! Here, I got you a cake. My one hope for this movie, though, is that it takes a Pixar view of making “children’s” movies, rather than a Dreamworks view of making “children’s” movies. What I mean is, I hope Jason Segal and the gang just set out to make a GOOD movie that kids would love and that adults could also love if they wanted. Rather than a movie that was FOR kids with tiny jokes HIDDEN for the adults. Man, that junk is the worst junk. I watched Despicable Me last week, no pedo, and there is this scene where the Steve Carrell character opens a secret door to a bank that only makes loans to super-villains and there is this sign that says, like, Secret Evil Genius Bank, or whatever, and underneath that it says “Formerly Known As Lehmann Brothers.” OH BARF. Look, I know it makes us all uncomfortable, but I am watching Despicable Me as an adult on my own because I wanted to, not because a child forced me into it, and your Easter eggs are killing this super fan!

So, I hope it’s not like that. We will see! It in the theater!