Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • VBS chats with Rob Corddry about Children’s Hospital, how he became interested in comedy, and drugs. -VBS
  • New York Times doesn’t like the New York Times movie very much. -NYT
  • Game of Throne’s Emilia Clarke talks about all the weird stuff she has to do for Game of Thrones. -Vulture
  • Charlie Day may have a role in Guillermo Del Toro’s next monster movie. He’s the best! (Charlie.) -AV Club
  • Pauly Shore has honestly the saddest Twitter feed I’ve ever seen. -Splitsider
  • Slate talks with Louis C.K. about the new season of Louie, his thoughts on the Tracey Morgan scandal, and other things you are interested in. -Slate
  • Thailand’s reaction to its Hangover II portrayal is a kind of surprising. -Movieline
  • A mashup of cinema’s worst dads. Happy fathers day, these dads! And your dad! And my dad! -Film Drunk
  • If I had a bunch of wishes, one of them might be to be really good at skateboarding. Here are skateboarding monks! -The Daily What
  • Jason Sudeikis talks about gross things. -HuffPo
  • Watch Ken Jeong’s new CPR PSA and then know how to do CPR. Yay, good job! -Celebuzz
  • Rebecca Black is “back” don’t worry we can all stop worrying ugh. -Dlisted