Russian Pranks Are Honest

Pranks are the worst. We know this. There are lots of reasons why: they are not fun, they are not funny, and variations on this theme. But one of the biggest reasons why pranks are the worst is that they are lies. YOU HEARD ME! Pranks are basically doing a mean thing to someone and pretending like you are not doing a mean thing. It is an extension of the “can’t you take a joke?” defense we have been talking about all week. By their very nature, pranks put the onus of legitimizing and de-criminalizing the prank on the person BEING pranked. You got pranked, so that means YOU have to be a good sport about it. What? Come on, prankers, be realistic. You jerks.

That is why I like this video compilation of Russian pranks: very honest about what is going on! It is seriously just a dude shoving people off of bikes and into oceans. He lights someone’s newspaper on fire? Hahha. Good prank. GOTCHA. You should have thought twice before sitting on a bench in Pranks Park. Fuck you.

GET OFF THE BUS! YOU’RE PRANKED! (Thanks for the tip, Chuck Kinbote.)